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New illustration

Havent updated in a while. I thought I would with all the free time over summer holidays, so I apologise.

© 2010 J.Harker

Update: Twist

This is me going back over an old drawing, I’ve started to work back into it. Looking better now. I have also started to fix the anatomy problems.

Ale Poster

At university we were given the task to design a form of print media to successfully communicate an aspect of ‘Britishness’ I chose ale. I found that this represented part of the British culture well. The original text I used for the poster is by David Yeadon, you can find his piece on Ale here.

I decided to keep it simple whilst also communicating the basic ideals of Ale. I feel like the shape of the glass is very iconic and the black text with lots of negative white space helps accentuate its shape.

1 Hour Speed Paint – Webber

I was sitting here bored and decided to time myself. This took just under and hour, well I think anyway. It’s of my good friend and designer, James Webber. You can check out his website here.

New Sketch WIP

Here’s something I’ve been messing around with. Not happy with the shading, I will probably just turn it into line art in the end.

Sketchbook Medley

Here are some sketches a found pouring though an old sketchbook.

First Animation

I have recently been learning Flash and have had a go at a little face animation. Starting to get to know Flash a bit better now too. Click to watch the little guy in action.

Quick Sketches in Photoshop

Here’s a collection of doodles I spent today doing. Avoiding work.

Everyone is at the party – Illustration

Heres something I managed to crank out. At least I feel like I’ve accomplished something today!

Wrapped Up – Sketchbook Doodle

Here’s a doodle I did in class a while ago, just scanned in.

Click for bigger image.