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Category Archives: Sketchbook

Skull t-shirt design.

Thinking about adding colour.

Update: Twist

This is me going back over an old drawing, I’ve started to work back into it. Looking better now. I have also started to fix the anatomy problems.

1 Hour Speed Paint – Webber

I was sitting here bored and decided to time myself. This took just under and hour, well I think anyway. It’s of my good friend and designer, James Webber. You can check out his website here.

Sketchbook Medley

Here are some sketches a found pouring though an old sketchbook.

Quick Sketches in Photoshop

Here’s a collection of doodles I spent today doing. Avoiding work.

Everyone is at the party – Illustration

Heres something I managed to crank out. At least I feel like I’ve accomplished¬†something¬†today!

Wrapped Up – Sketchbook Doodle

Here’s a doodle I did in class a while ago, just scanned in. Click for bigger image.

For You

Before I catch some shut eye here’s a sketch I have started tonight. Call it a preview if you will. Enjoy

Sketchbook Illustrations

Heres two new inks.

Sketchbook Uploads

Heres an update of some latest works in my sketchbook.