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Tshirt design preview.

heres a preview of a new upcoming tshirt. sorry about the lack of updates, but i will get back into the swing of things once back at uni which is in 5 days

Ale Poster

At university we were given the task to design a form of print media to successfully communicate an aspect of ‘Britishness’ I chose ale. I found that this represented part of the British culture well. The original text I used for the poster is by David Yeadon, you can find his piece on Ale here. [...]

Book Cover Design

I picked ‘The Dead School’ by Patrick McCabe as it is one of my favourite Gothic texts. I found that choosing a book I love would help me become more involved in the project. By looking at the themes and the characters in the book I came to conclusions about what the cover should represent and for me I found that [...]

Useful Websites

Heres a useful article found on Tedtalks with lists of helpful websites for the creator in you. ” GRAPHICS, MUSIC & ARTS     ” The rest of the websites can be found here

Urban Design

Here are some photos i took of graphic design in an urban environment. This image features a printed number on the side of a bin. The uniformed, standard positioning of the numbers works well on the dark background. The eroded edges of the numbers creates a strong grunge effect This print was located on a [...]

Business Card

I’ve currently been working a business card. Ive been going through some designs and i really like this one the best.