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Category Archives: Drawings

All my finished/unfinished illustratative work goes here.

Four Drawings

Here are four drawings I have recently completed for a university project. Representing, Pain, Death, Life, Disease

Skull t-shirt design.

Thinking about adding colour.

Owl doodle

Just a quick drawing of an owl I did. Probably will add to it later.

New doodle.

New little sketch I drew last night and added a splash of colour today.

Universal Music work

Here’s two drawings I completed for Universal music, to use as promo work for their newly signed artist Jessie J. © 2010 Universal.

New doodle

started this a few days ago.

Tshirt design preview.

heres a preview of a new upcoming tshirt. sorry about the lack of updates, but i will get back into the swing of things once back at uni which is in 5 days

Stolen Gaze

Ink on paper, no idea how long this too me. Copyrights all belong to Josh Harker 2010 © Boy I know what you’re thinking. Two updates over two days? Slow down Josh take a break (/sarcasm) This is what I need to keep doing. It shall happen at uni. Either that or I need to [...]

New canvas ink

I have just completed this drawing as a gift to my friend on his Birthday. It turned out pretty damn well.  Hope you like it.

New illustration

Havent updated in a while. I thought I would with all the free time over summer holidays, so I apologise. © 2010 J.Harker