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Shout outs

New link

People should head on over to my cargo website at I’ve now started to professionally use that link and just dedicate this blog to my sketchbook and doodles.   Josh x

Stolen Gaze

Ink on paper, no idea how long this too me. Copyrights all belong to Josh Harker 2010 © Boy I know what you’re thinking. Two updates over two days? Slow down Josh take a break (/sarcasm) This is what I need to keep doing. It shall happen at uni. Either that or I need to [...]

Class Illustrations

Here are a few drawings that i have recently completed. More requests keep flooding in. More to come! Hope you enjoy them!

Useful Websites

Heres a useful article found on Tedtalks with lists of helpful websites for the creator in you. ” GRAPHICS, MUSIC & ARTS     ” The rest of the websites can be found here