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New link

People should head on over to my cargo website at

I’ve now started to professionally use that link and just dedicate this blog to my sketchbook and doodles.




Four Drawings

Here are four drawings I have recently completed for a university project. Representing, Pain, Death, Life, Disease

Skull t-shirt design.

Thinking about adding colour.

Owl doodle

Just a quick drawing of an owl I did. Probably will add to it later.

New doodle.

New little sketch I drew last night and added a splash of colour today.

Universal Music work

Here’s two drawings I completed for Universal music, to use as promo work for their newly signed artist Jessie J. © 2010 Universal.

New doodle

started this a few days ago.

Tshirt design preview.

heres a preview of a new upcoming tshirt. sorry about the lack of updates, but i will get back into the swing of things once back at uni

which is in 5 days :)

Stolen Gaze

Ink on paper, no idea how long this too me. Copyrights all belong to Josh Harker 2010 ©
Boy I know what you’re thinking. Two updates over two days? Slow down Josh take a break (/sarcasm)

This is what I need to keep doing. It shall happen at uni. Either that or I need to find the time just to sit down and just do an update. Not hard really haha.

New canvas ink

I have just completed this drawing as a gift to my friend on his Birthday. It turned out pretty damn well.  Hope you like it.